What is Async at Masai School?

When you are async, you will repeat the unit you are yet to master, by attending classes with the batch behind you.

Masai School Async

(Async = Catch-up)

A term that calls for the asynchronous function in the programming world, Async at Masai School simply refers to a constant process of catching up with your coursework.

Assume that a student’s time at Masai School is like climbing a mountain. At the top of this mountain, there lies a tech job with a package of Rs 5LPA or above. Students who choose to climb this mountain could be coming from many diverse circumstances and walks of life. 

Some of them may already have a little bit of mountaineering experience. Some may be hiking with a child in their hands. Some have trouble breathing, at higher altitudes.

Though we at Masai, are confident that all these hikers can eventually get to the summit, we do acknowledge that every one of them may need the asynchronicity to complete the journey in her or his own time. 

Whenever you need additional support and support, Masai gives you the chance to repeat a unit. In a nutshell, we want you to have another try at developing the necessary skills to reach the summit.

Here are the 5 most important things you need to know about Async.

  • Async-ing means leaving your current cohort and joining the one behind you
    • When you async a unit, you will stay with your current batch on Slack and Cliq. But however, you will be joining your everyday classes only with the batch behind you.
  • A number of checkpoints to determine whether async is necessary for you
    • We use numerous different checkpoints like sprint evaluations, construct weeks, unit interviews, and unit assessments, to assess if you do need additional support and practice to achieve your learning objectives.
  • One Async per Unit – You can go through a Unit only twice
    • When you async, you are repeating a unit. This means that you are repeating a particular unit’s content a maximum of 2 times. However, you will be able to perform an async only once per unit, though there is no limit to the number of units you can async. You can async every unit if needed.
  • Async prolongs the amount of time it will take you to graduate from the program
    • When you are async, it has no effect on your ISA. But it does extend the overall amount of time it will take you to finish the program.
  • Async is very common and natural
    • Remember: Performing Async is not a failure but it is an opportunity to surge towards your goals at your own pace.
    • Needing more time to learn something is never a sign of failure or incompetence. Async is all and only about flexibility. Everyone’s circumstances are different. As long as you are putting in the necessary work and making progress, you are considered to be on the right track.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Async
    • What is Async?

Async is a model of learning at Masai School. It is one way for us to help students that have not developed the expected skill set in their first attempt.

The Async model is inspired by our very own Mastery-based Progression (MBP), which essentially signifies – Working on a particular learning objective until you fully achieve it, before finally moving on to the next challenge.

  • Why does Masai offer async?

    In a nutshell, we want to offer the necessary flexibility and opportunity to students that need additional time and support to develop the skills we teach, instead of allowing them to withdraw from the program. Our mission at Masai School is to unlock the potential regardless of circumstances. This only means that we would be doing everything we can to help you succeed, even if it takes more than one attempt.
  • When and how do I know that I have to Async?

    We use a number of different checkpoints, usually in the form of an assessment, to understand when and whether the students need additional support to achieve learning objectives, which will result in async.
  • Sprint Challenge Expectations – In 2 out of the 4 sprint evaluations within a unit, score more than 2 in Rubrics.
  • Build Weeks Expectations – Pass the build weeks.
  • Unit Assessment Expectations – Submit the assessments on time and pass them.
  • Unit Interview Expectations – Clear the interviews.
  • Attendance – Have an attendance of more than 90 percent in every unit
  • What happens if I am doing Async?

    When you are async, you will repeat the unit you are yet to master, by attending classes with the batch behind you. Async does prolong your time at Masai by a unit or even longer depending on how many units you might need to async. 

At this time, we are able to offer one opportunity to async, per unit. If you are not able to master the expected skills in the second attempt of a unit, you become a candidate for withdrawal. Hence, it is important that you really focus on the skills you need to develop during your second attempt.

  • How many times can I async? <This can be removed since we already explained this in the 5 pointers>

When you async, you are repeating a unit. You will be able to do this only once per unit through this unit’s content twice. If needed, you can async every unit.

  • Can I async less than a unit? Can I catch up back to my original batch?

    Currently, we allow async only on a unit basis, which is 5 weeks for full-time students. There’s no way or a need to catch up with your existing batch. The objective is to keep you moving forward at the best pace we can accommodate your needs.