The Masai School Accreditation

Accreditation = Graduation. Graduation = Accreditation


Masai Accreditation is our final signal to students and employers that a particular student is now fully career-ready. 

Accreditation signifies that a student has not only met or exceeded all the technical expectations and expertise of the Masai School curriculum but also has demonstrated a strong ability to work with peers, to drive job search and career development.

Steps To Accreditation:

To keep the students on-track towards full accreditation, there are multiple checkpoints and milestones during each unit. To receive accreditation, all the students will need to meet or complete the following:

  • Technical
    • Complete each Sprint Evaluation with a 2+ on each objective.
    • Complete each Unit assessment with a passing score.
    • Complete a Technical Accreditation Review:

      Full-Stack Web Interview (Live) –
      • During this interview, you will be asked to demonstrate your mastery of Web Development. You should come fully prepared with GitHub links to all the projects you’ve worked on. This might include your Frontend and Backend Construct Week projects or personal projects.
      • The projects do not have to be 100 percent completed. You will not be scored based on this code, but it will be a starting point for the discussion.This interview will go on for 1 hour or less, and it is meant to replicate an actual interview. Questions will be based on the following aspects:
        • Teamwork and Contribution
          • Students can demonstrate meaningful individual contribution on a project that meets the expectations of a hiring manager.
          • Students can work well with others, and respond appropriately to feedback.
          • Students can plan, manage their time effectively, deliver upon agreed-work, and measure the impact of their delivery.
        • Learning and Communication
          • Students can take to new concepts and difficult ideas and learn on their own.
          • Students can effectively describe their key learnings, technical choices, and experiences in a way that demonstrates growth and personal skills.
          • Be prepared to show a pull request you created, adding a feature to your Construct week Project for each of these topics. You must receive a 2 or higher on each objective to pass.
  • Code Challenge

The Code challenge will happen on an external platform. This will include 2 or 3 problems in Data Structures and Algorithms, followed by a Live Code Challenge round

  • Professionalism
    • Once a student completes the Masai School coursework, a member from the Careers team will review and sign off on the following:
      • Resume
      • LinkedIn
      • GitHub (Web, AND, DS tracks only)
      • Attendance > 90%
      • Assignment completion
      • Portfolio and artifacts for the student’s track
      • 1:1 behavioural interview
    • Complete a Professional Accreditation review

      Finish Resume Checklist
      Finish Linkedin Checklist
      Finish Github Checklist
      Finish Portfolio Checklist
      • Finish this sheet before the behavioural interview.
      • Complete the behavioural interview.

How to prepare for a behavioural interview

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