Highlights of Construct Week VI at Masai School

Introducing the ‘Construct Week’ at Masai School

Every 5th Week out of our 30 Week curriculum, Masai students come together to work on building production-ready apps by collaborating with fellow Masai students, where they implement their learnings, and build web apps, android apps, or clones of other websites. 

The idea is to engage our students, and enable project-based learning, thereby allowing them to simulate real-time working environments. During the construct week, our students set out to solve problems and collaborate with their peers to create functional projects. 

Masai School, co-Founder Nrupul Dev talking to the students of Masai School

The students work on different aspects of a product to build functional apps using Frontend technologies, APIs, Databases, etc and are assisted by our Instructional associates who serve as project owners, and mentors. Our Instructional associates – 

  • Review code, 
  • Maintain high standards, and 
  • Ensure that the students get any help that they need to get the job done. 

The cumulative effect of this change is that by the time a student graduates they would have spent at least 5-6 weeks out of their 30-week curriculum working on real-time projects, thereby giving them an edge. 

Our students graduate from Masai School with functional projects in their portfolio which is perhaps one of the best ways to learn, and that’s what makes our students stand out from the graduates of other colleges. 

In a span of just 30 weeks, the students of Masai School undergo 1000 hours+ of hands-on coding, several portfolio projects, and so much more.

Highlights from Construct Week VI at Masai School

We hosted the 6th Construct week in the 2nd and 3rd week of June, where our students were engaged in creating projects, and a few of the best performing projects were chosen to be showcased LIVE in front of a panel of judges on the 19th of June with over 300 attendees. 

The idea of hosting these events live is to provide feedback to our students and help them improve through a constant cycle of feedback. The projects were evaluated on –

  • The project implementation, and the use of technologies 
  • Teamwork
  • Timing, and presentation 

Let’s look at some of those projects from the 6th Construct Week at Masai School. 

Team Facebook – Batch Samurai-II  

This team won the hearts of the audience with their impeccably well-executed project, where they were given the task to clone Facebook. People who understand technology, they can estimate the amount of work, and time is taken to build a basic version of a website as complex as Facebook. 

Team Facebook went the extra mile to live-host their website instead of hosting it on localhost, which allowed the members from the audience to interact with their project, and this is what made them stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

More details about their project can be found on GitHub. 

If you’re interested to see a LIVE Demo of their project, it can be accessed here. 

Team Members – Darshan, Soumyadari, Ankit, and Gurunath

Students showcasing their Facebook clone at Construct Week
LinkedIn Post by Darshan Naik sharing his experience on LinkedIn

Team Rapido

Implementing “Hindi” and the use of APIs makes team Rapido stand out, and at the first glance, a lot of people may mistake this for the original Rapido app. Team Rapido compiled together a complex set of codebases to build a fast, almost exact clone of the most popular ride-sharing apps in India.

Team Members – Chaithanya Harsh Kamaliya Rahul Yadav

More details about their project such as the Tech stack used, GitHub profiles of teammates, Live deployable demo, and much more can be found on GitHub.

Rapido clone by Masai Students for Construct week VI

Team Instagram – Batch Samurai-II  

“Game Of Thrones” themed Instagram won the hearts of the audience. Team Instagram killed their presentation with a static theme that was a blend of beautiful storytelling and tech presentation. In today’s era, it’s vital to have strong communication skills, and the ability to tell stories, and team Instagram earned brownie points for going the extra mile and presenting a technical project with a unique narrative.

Team Members – Neeraj, Ayush, Robin, Khushboo

Team Instagram showcasing their demo at Construct Week VI, Masai School

More details about their project such as the Tech stack used, GitHub profiles of teammates, Live deployable demo, and much more can be found on GitHub. 

One-man-army Shubham Kumar (Batch Samurai-II)

Special shoutout to Shubham from batch Samurai-II, who single-handedly built a clone of Nykaa, which includes the complete front-end of Nykaa, along with the functionalities to place an order, like a product, and many other features which make Shubham’s project stand out. 

To further add, this project was executed in a short time frame of just 1 week, and all of this single-handedly by Shubham. Most of the audience members and the panelists called Shubham, a “One Man army” for pulling this project off successfully, and gracefully.

One of the feedbacks given after this exemplary project was that one should look to work in a team, and if an individual could achieve all of this single-handedly, what about the possibilities that a team can achieve? 

With this note, Shubham’s presentation came to a conclusion. Here’s a sneak peek into Shubhma’s work. 

More details about their project such as the Tech stack used, GitHub profiles of teammates, Live deployable demo, and much more can be found on GitHub. 

The project Demo by Shubham can be accessed here. 

At Masai School, our students experience hands-on practical experiences where our students code for over 1000 hours, where-in they work on at least 5 projects before they graduate to work as Software Engineers at reputed companies.

There are many more projects created by our students during Construct Week, and we hope to keep you posted with their work through blogs like these.

If you’re someone who aspires to become a developer but feels that they don’t have a clear path to becoming one, then you should check out Masai School’s 30 weeks Full Stack Web development program.

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