Before becoming a Developer, Sumanta Mallik worked at a BPO

“If you are hard-working and if you are serious about learning to code, come and meet me,” is what Masai School CEO Prateek told 29-year-old Sumanta Kumar Mallik. “Of course, why can’t I?” was all Sumanta responded.

Hailing from Odisha, Sumanta finished his B.Sc in Mathematics from Utkal University in Bhubaneswar. Throughout his education, until his 12th grade, Sumanta only learned through Odiya medium of instruction. To meet his personal expenses, Sumanta was working in Customer Support, at a local BPO. It had to come to a point where he had to work at this BPO to support his family as well, while studying in college.

Masai School alumnus – Sumanta Mallik

Having lived in his hometown for the most part of his life, Sumanta dreamt of living in the IT Capital of India. The whole narrative around software development being a dream job for many, caught his attention so much that he decided to move to Bengaluru. Sumanta found himself a job where he worked as a data entry operator at a mobile marketplace startup – Cashify, to support his family back at home. 

Thereafter,  he started researching about pursuing a career as a software developer. Sumanta even took an online course to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript. Eventually, he came across Masai School on Quikr, and got in touch with CEO Prateek immediately. He met with Prateek and got an idea of how Masai School works, and how he did not have to pay any money until he got a job as a developer.

Sumanta said, “Once I started my Full-Stack Web course at Masai School, I realised that my previous course on the fundamentals was barely anything, compared to what I was learning at Masai. There was zero hesitation in my mind after I spoke with Prateek, I knew Masai was just what I had been looking for.”

At the end of the course, Sumanta was able to crack his job interview with Bengaluru-based, an early-stage SaaS startup. Throughout his life, he had never written a single line of code. But as it happened, he worked on building some pages of the website for this SaaS startup, only after 5 months at Masai School.

Impressed by it, Rishi Kulkarni, Cofounder and CEO of had asked for more engineers from Masai. Batch after batch, more and more graduates from Masai School joined as software developers

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